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NAWCTSDNaval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division
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Sherri Marquis has been working at NAWCTSD for a year and a half, through the Department of the Navy Acquisition Intern Program, or AIP, centrally managed at the Naval Acquisition Career Management Center in Mechanicsburg, Pa.
The problem, Gagnon said, is that NAWCTSD has grown over the years.
In return, the NAWCTSD received 15,000 square feet in the structure.
Obviously, the benefits of finding a way to efficiently convert this knowledge to a format that allows our personnel to access it anytime and from virtually any location are significant," said Benn Aaronson, program manager, Electronic Training Environment, NAWCTSD.
existing XML-based AIM-to-SCORM output developed by NAWCTSD under a
In addition to the NAWCTSD funding, in January InterSense also received SBIR Phase I and II funding from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to continue advancing InterSense's Constellation(TM) technology.
Through cooperative arrangements with other services, federal agencies, academia, and industry, NAWCTSD strives to share its expertise for the benefit of all.
PMA-205 and NAWCTSD look forward to a strong relationship with Lockheed Martin in development of this important suite of trainers," said PMA-205 Captain Rory Fisher.
NAWCTSD performs a wide range of technical research, development and services to enable sailors, airmen and marines to get the finest training and learning systems available.
NAWCTSD will use simFUSION, the first low-cost, fully OpenGL-compliant, PC-based image generation system with true simulation features, for a variety of research and development projects, including the evaluation and simulation of new small arms weapons systems such as the Objective Individual Combat Trainer and the Objective Individual Crewserve Combat Trainer.
E&S simFUSION is ideally suited to a facility like NAWCTSD," said Dave Fluegeman, E&S PC Simulation general manager.