NAWCWDNaval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division
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The] VVall eye's 50th anniversary was a time to reflect on the true meaning of that weapon," said Scott O'Neil, NAWCWD executive director.
Funded by the NAWCWD, this initial manufacturing contract by Albemarle kicked-off in February 2012.
The combined science team from Cobalt and the NAWCWD focused on scaling and optimizing the dehydration chemistry for the conversion of bio n-butanol to 1-butene, followed by oligomerization of the biobutene into jet fuel, based on a process developed at NAWCWD in China Lake, CA.
Under the CRADA, a team of scientists from Cobalt and the NAWCWD will investigate the optimum conditions for the conversion of Cobalt's n-biobutanol into jet fuel, while ensuring the process minimizes time, cost and energy consumption.
Additional work will focus on converting the biobutanol into butyl ether, which the NAWCWD has shown can be mixed with n-butanol and other compounds to create a viable drop-in diesel fuel replacement.
NAWCWD is the principal research, development, test and evaluation, and in-service engineering agency for air warfare and missile weapon systems.
The purpose of the Act is to explore initiatives for cooperation between facilities like the NAWCWD with universities and other private sector organizations.
NAWCWD is the Navy's full-spectrum research, development, test and evaluation, and in-service engineering center for weapons systems.
NAWCWD, a division of Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), is responsible for 'Arming the Fleet'.
Jacobs has been providing engineering support services to NAWCWD since 1995, and also supports JMPS through current Department of Defense contracts.
In making the announcement, Jacobs President Craig Martin stated, "We are very pleased to continue our successful relationship with NAWCWD, the Navy's premier center for weapon system research, development, and test and evaluation.