NAWENational Association of Writers in Education
NAWENational Association for Women in Education
NAWENational Association of Waterfront Employers
NAWENorth America and Western Europe (various organizations)
NAWENorth American Wholesale Energy (Duke Energy Corp.)
NAWENorth America Wetland Engineering (Forest Lake, Minnesota)
NAWENorth American Wind Energy, LLC (alternative power; Michigan)
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Such excursions proved particularly fruitful and formed the basis of a further project that NAWE conducted last year.
Poet and Director of NAWE, the National Association of Writers in Education, paul@nawe.
Normally priced at 8 [pounds sterling], free copies are available to any members of NATE taking out a NAWE subscription.
We hope NAWE can contribute to restoring what was once an extremely productive wetland complex for the Iraqi people.
About North American Wetlands Engineering PA (NAWE) - NAWE is based in Forest Lake, Minnesota and provides innovative and sustainable environmental solutions for any water, wastewater or ecological need.
There are plenty of writers and venues available--all keen to devise new projects and approaches--and NAWE would be delighted to help broker more such adventurous partnerships with schools.
We can attend Arvon courses, they have a grant scheme for practising teachers; invite writers in; enrol on local writing courses or tap into the writing in education network through NAWE and literature training.
The Company's common stock is traded on the NASDAQ National Market System under the symbol NAWE.