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NAWLNational Association of Women Lawyers
NAWLNational Association of Women and the Law (Canada)
NAWLNorth American Woodsball League (paintball)
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Ultimately, the distinctive language of section 28 was developed at a March 18, 1981 meeting between federal government Department of Justice (DOJ) lawyers, Fred Jordan and Edythe MacDonald, key members from the Ad Hoc Committee and NAWL (Marilou McPhedran, Suzanne Boivin, and Tamra Thomson, respectively), and Ad Hoc legal advisor, Beverley Baines.
Under Kaufman's leadership, regional General Counsel Institutes will be organized and modeled after the successful NAWL General Counsel Institute, now in its eighth year.
NAWL Factum, supra note 112; Gosselin, supra note 1
For example, Adele Weaver, President-Elect of the NAWL, testified that the ERA would not, in her opinion, have any effect "upon the existing law and practice" that based custody on the child's best interests with a presumption in many jurisdictions that "the best interests of a child of tender years are served by granting custody to the mother.
We are disappointed that women lawyers are still not reaching the highest levels of big-firm practice or leadership in significant numbers," said NAWL President Beth Kaufman, Partner at Schoeman Updike & Kaufman LLP in New York.
I can't say enough about her hard work and commitment to NAWL," said Anastasia.
NAWL board member Pamela Cross sees the changes this way: "The Harper government is trying to silence women's groups who speak out against its right-wing agenda.
Universal Declaration on Human Rights, NAWL, the Feminist Alliance for
Women lawyers already leave big-firm practice at a greater pace than their male counterparts, and this narrowing of the pipeline at the entry level, however slight, only further decreases the pool of women available for promotion," said NAWL President Heather Giordanella, Counsel at Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP.
Second Honors: Wesley Chow, Marisol Frias, Jennifer Mason, Matthew Mcarthur, Zing Nawl, Claudia Osorio, Kathy Phan, Randy Phan and Lily Rivera.
The cost for the luncheon is $35 in advance/$40 at the door for FAWL, NAWL and ACC members and $40 in advance/$45 at the door for nonmembers.