NAWMPNorth American Waterfowl Management Plan (USACE)
NAWMPNaval Airborne Weapons Maintenance Program
NAWMPNaval Aviation Weapons Maintenance Program
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But that is the challenge which the professionals who initially conceived a continental approach to the management of ducks, geese and swans -- NAWMP -- had to envisage and then deliver.
It is important to point out one other partner, the private landowner, upon which the great bulk of the Canadian part of NAWMP is based.
Although some small local programs can be accomplished with a minimum of cash and a maximum of community and individual input, a program the size of NAWMP can only be accomplished with major infusions of money.
It could be argued that NAWMP was a major catalyst in not only defining a new method for funding programs, but also one which helped define cross-sector cooperation, at both the governmental and non-governmental levels.
While not overdoing it, Plan partners have been generous with their appreciation of other partners' efforts and monies expended on NAWMP.
Essentially, the NAWMP has "offered a platform from which waterfowl
The creation of the NAWMP allowed participating nations to
The NAWMP is implemented on a national, state/provincial, and a
Additional lands are coming under improved management through cooperative ventures such as the NAWMP.
And while the NAWMP and other private-based stewardship programs are not the end to such an ecologically-driven land management process, they are a progressive beginning.