NAWQANational Water Quality Assessment Program
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Sixth NAWQA Taxonomy Workshop on Harmonization of Algal Taxonomy October 2001.
Recent NAWQA Data Show that Diazinon Concentrations in Some Northeast Streams have Declined Following Recent Reductions in Use.
MapInfo MapXtreme strikes a good balance between rapid application development using out-of-the-box functionality and extensibility because of the Java architecture," said Nate Booth, lead USGS developer with the NAWQA Data Warehouse.
We were excited when we learned about BeyondGeo" remarked Sandy Williamson, NAWQA National Database Team Leader at the USGS.
The goal of the NAWQA program is to develop an improved understanding of the status and trends in the quality of the nation's ground-water and surface-water resources.
Figure 2 and Table 4 illustrate the distribution of domestic household wells with Mn concentration > 300 [micro]g/L obtained by the USGS NAWQA program.