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NAYSNational Alliance for Youth Sports
NAYSNorth American Youth Sports (Green Bay, WI)
NAYSNotary at Your Service (various locations)
NAYSNorth Andover Youth Services
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So far more than 1200 young researchers/professionals have already joined NAYS from Pakistan and overseas and their number is still increasing.
To reach the most parents with the NAYS Sports Safety Advisory before the start of the summer sports season, NAYS plans to post the advisory on their its site, http://www.
Matching the minimum $25,000 that each youngster will receive, Allstate will donate at least $50,000 to NAYS, providing training to at least 2,500 coaches, impacting more than 40,000 children nationwide.
On the second day, six successful projects were chosen for presentation and among them three were from NAYS Pakistan, three from Netherlands and one from Germany.
On 2nd Day, six successful projects were chosen for presentation and among them 3 were from NAYS Pakistan, 2 from Netherlands and one from Germany.
Around 50 researches from different institutes participated in seminar and appreciated the efforts of NAYS Pakistan to promote and popularize science in Pakistan.
All the seven activities of this project were conducted in Pakistan by efforts of NAYS team which was greatly appreciated by participants of GYA general assembly.
Welcome address was delivered by NAYS Events Coordinator Dr.
The basic aim of NAYS is to give awareness to people about science and give its maximum benefits to the people.