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NAZINationalsozialist (member of NSDAP)
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In my study, I wish to re-examine the relations between Popular-Liberalism and National Socialism, in the hope that a different viewpoint will produce a deeper understanding of the discourse of the German Bourgeoisie with relation to the Nazi success before 1933.
In the Baltic countries, in Ukraine, the Nazis march openly: carrying torches, Nazi symbols, for all to see.
The recent discovery of Coco Chanel being a Nazi spy contradicts previous claims made by the U.
The editors introduce the essays by noting a significant work of the Nazi era.
Hugh was a great admirer of the Villa full back George Cummings, not just because he gave the Nazis a two-fingered salute but because he was the only full back who ever neutralised the legendary wizard of the wing, Stanley Matthews.
With full access to Kelley's notes on Nazi psychology, El-Hal infuses his story with the messy, compelling details of people's lives.
Der Standard said its poll was designed to show how today's Austrians judged Nazi rule.
Amongst the leaflets, which have been held in private collections for 70 years, is also evidence of the Nazi intent to improve their reputation.
Because of the passage of time, there may not be many people in the county who know about the meaning of the Nazi symbol, the swastika.
He was also in town to promote his book, "Operation Last Chance: One Man's Quest to Bring Nazi Criminals to Justice.
The Nazi leaders and propagandists were "modernists .