NBACNational Bioethics Advisory Commission
NBACNorth Baltimore Aquatic Club (Maryland)
NBACNoel Butlin Archives Centre (Australian National University)
NBACNew Brunswick Arts Council (Canada)
NBACNon-Blocking Atomic Commitment (protocol)
NBACNational Brick Advisory Council
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The director of NIH, the President of the United States, the NBAC and Representative Dickey were hardly alone in the emerging discussion over hESC research.
Second, the positions taken by NBAC on embryo research issues were reached before a combination of discovery and speculation fueled a massive inflation of expectation in respect to the "therapeutic" potential of embryonic stem cell research.
The NBAC proposal to create a new federal agency has been opposed by the Association of American Medical Colleges, which believes that the executive branch already "has sufficient authority to address problems of inconsistency in interpreting and applying the Common Rule, and that the Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Committee on Science of the NSTC should be directed to bring the representatives of the 17 federal agencies together to resolve these matters as expeditiously as possible.
What seems to frustrate NBAC members most on this count is that they cannot discover how many Americans are subjects, abused or not, in such studies.
188) "ill-informed and unfair" and considers the NBAC conclusions unjustified.
The NBAC, headed by Princeton University President Harold Shapiro, has issued a string of reports, most famously its recommendation that a five-year ban be imposed on efforts to clone human beings.
NBAC, 1997); see also the commentary on this report "Cloning Human Beings: Responding to the National Bioethics Advisory Commission's Report," in Hastings Center Report 27 (September-October 1997) 6-22; Gina Kolata, Clone: The Road to Dolly and the Path Ahead (New York: William Morrow, 1998); Gregory E.
com will provide up-to-date coverage and analysis of local swimming, beginning with today's in-depth look at why families across the country are relocating to our area so their children can swim for NBAC swim club, which boasts members like Michael Phelps and Katie Hoff.
We earned our stripes by serving on the NTAC (NIEM Technical Architecture Committee) and NBAC (NIEM Business Architecture Committee), teaching the NIEM Practical Implementer's Course, and authoring well-regarded articles on NIEM development.
The NBAC is the largest non-government archives in Australia, and holds an unrivalled collection of trade union and business records, along with the personal papers of many left wing and labour movement activists.
To be sure, the reports from HERP, ASRM, and NBAC were only advisory, and the procurement processes for some of the embryos from which the NIH lines were derived were completed before some of these documents were available.
Furthermore, two separate commissions, the NBAC in 1997 and the NAS in 2002, had determined that cloning was unethical because of safety risks and possible harm to the women involved in both extraction of eggs and implantations of cloned embryos.