NBCAMNational Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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The campaign's narrative noticeably lacks important messages that might threaten to complicate the ultra-feminine, perky, corporate-driven and consumer-oriented discourse of NBCAM.
Not only does NBCAM lack a narrative about the ways breast cancer affects groups of women differently, it also avoids the message that there is more than one type of breast cancer.
It's important work and I believe it's helping to fray the ends of those cute pink ribbons that weave themselves around us during NBCAM.
Commenting on this year's White House recognition of NBCAM and the launch of the STAR trial, Bob Black, president of Zeneca Pharmaceuticals says, "We are very pleased that the Federal Government has recognized Breast Cancer Awareness Month at the very highest level.
As NBCAM celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, AstraZeneca are proud to be the sole sponsor of 'Redefining Hope & Beauty' -- the 'first of its kind' global breast cancer awareness campaign.
Blum can offer commentary on the origins of NBCAM and its incredible impact on screening rates for breast cancer, and what that means to patients today.
This month and throughout the year, 19 Board of Sponsors of NBCAM are committed to ongoing education about options for breast health and helping women become more informed so that they can make educated choices about breast health.
I am very proud to be part of this year's NBCAM public service announcement," said Judy Perotti, Director of Patient Services at Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization by day and would-be hip-hop gal by night.
The focus of the NBCAM campaign centers on how early detection helps to save lives and that the best tools to achieve early detection of breast cancer are mammography screening and clinical breast examinations.
org/ for the most up to date and accurate information on breast cancer, as well as links to patient advocacy, medical, professional and government organizations that make up NBCAM.