NBCCEDPNational Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program
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The center is a site for the Illinois NBCCEDP, referred to as the Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (IBCCP).
The BCCPTA also gave states the flexibility to select broader screening scenarios for defining "screened under the program, NBCCEDP.
One of the few state-specific studies of the BCCPTA used Massachusetts data to analyze two policy changes: l) initiation of targeted funding for case managers through the NBCCEDP (Public Law 105-340) in 1998, and 2) implementation of the BCCPTA in 2004 (delayed in Massachusetts) (Lobb et al.
Adding a Medicaid option for uninsured women screened through the NBCCEDP corrects a vital program flaw.
4386 to correct this problem, which allows states to enroll women screened by the NBCCEDP and found to have cancer in their Medicaid program.
Due to limited funding, state NBCCEDP providers only screen 15 percent of eligible women on average nationally.
Disclosures: The overall research project for making estimates for uninsured low-income persons is partly funded by the CDC's NBCCEDP.