NBCDNatural Binary Coded Decimal
NBCDNational Bureau of Controlled Drugs (Taiwan)
NBCDNational Biomass and Carbon Dataset (US NASA)
NBCDName Brand Casual Dining (US Army, IMA-Europe, Heidelberg, Germany)
NBCDNetwork Based Collaborative Development
NBCDNuclear, Biological, & Chemical Defense
NBCDNorth Bengal Council for the Disabled (est. 1990)
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What is to blame for the many cases of arthritis, skin conditions and constant exhaustion - the organophosphates from the chemicals used to spray the tents, the jabs, the mysterious fumes which set off the NBCDs each night or the depleted uranium from spent weaponry?
With this process in place we are trying out new capabilities like CIMIC [Civil Military Cooperation] Psy Ops [Psychological Operations] NBCD [Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence] and Info Ops [Information Operations].
Maybe an NBCD [Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence] team could be embedded in a unit.