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NBCHNational Business Coalition on Health
NBCHNational Bureau of Credit Histories (Russia)
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NBCH and its members are dedicated to value-based purchasing of health care services through the collective action of public and private purchasers.
The OPM, Washington Business Group on Health (WGBH), and the NBCH were interviewed.
8220;Figures show that an increasing number of borrowers are keen to study their credit histories,” notes NBCH CEO Alexander Vikulin with reference to the launch of the new collaborative project.
Karen van Caulil, NBCH Board Chair and President, Florida Health Care Coalition
NBCH plans to extend these risk solution services to other areas including cardiometabolic care, infusion, dialysis, advanced imaging, ambulatory surgery, large claims audit, high performance networks, and centers of excellence.
Annual Conference NBCH business and health coalitions and their employer members will join approximately 400 purchasers, plans, providers and other stakeholders at the 19th Annual Conference C Employers Transforming Health Care: The Power of Collaboration.
The Delta Group provides us with the ability to evaluate hospital quality ratings and the relative cost of care at the local market level, allowing NBCH's purchaser-led coalitions and our national network of self-insured employers to identify the value they receive for their health care expenditures," said Andrew Webber, NBCH president and CEO.
America's health care industry has functionally captured the regulatory process and dominated markets," said Brian Klepper, PhD, CEO for NBCH.
We want to better understand how organizations are addressing industry changes around health care reform and compliance issues," said Brian Klepper, NBCH CEO.
AHSP is a national pilot launched in 2010 by NBCH in cooperation with Pfizer, with five business health coalitions selected to work with employers to improve the health of their employees and families, promote wellness and prevention, unlock the full value of health benefits, and manage health care costs.