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NBCHNational Business Coalition on Health
NBCHNational Bureau of Credit Histories (Russia)
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The OPM, Washington Business Group on Health (WGBH), and the NBCH were interviewed.
The NBCH supports national and state-level reforms to bring about more accessible and affordable health care for all Americans.
8220;Figures show that an increasing number of borrowers are keen to study their credit histories,” notes NBCH CEO Alexander Vikulin with reference to the launch of the new collaborative project.
Regional employer health care coalitions across the country have joined with the NBCH to strengthen their impact on local markets and to manage quality better.
For example, the NBCH, whose 8,000 employer members include Dayton Hudson Corp.
The Delta Group provides us with the ability to evaluate hospital quality ratings and the relative cost of care at the local market level, allowing NBCH's purchaser-led coalitions and our national network of self-insured employers to identify the value they receive for their health care expenditures," said Andrew Webber, NBCH president and CEO.
Our business coalition members across the country care deeply about the health of their communities," said Andrew Webber, NBCH president and CEO.
With this recognition by the NBCH, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee has been endorsed by HealthCare 21 Business Coalition as a health plan of high value in Tennessee.
DIAMOND program cited by NBCH for its innovated care model for patients with depression
Offered in cooperation with the NBCH, eValue8 provides detailed analysis and assessments of health plans in the region to help employers make informed purchasing and benefits decisions.