NBCSLNational Black Caucus of State Legislators
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Jackson, President and CEO of the Schott Foundation on Public Education, NBCSL President, State Representative Barbara W.
Improving the lives of our constituents is our number one priority, and we do this through policy action," says NBCSL President-Elect, State Representative Joe Armstrong (TN) who chaired NBCSL's 2013 Resolutions process.
NBCSL supports tax increases on the wealthiest 2% of Americans and opposes increases on the 98% of Americans who are already struggling to get by.
NBCSL members represent upwards of 50 million Americans of all racial backgrounds.
As a part of the press event, a Maryland couple will share personal testimony of tragedy and triumph, and how NBCSL policy efforts helped pass legislation benefitting families and communities across the country.
Throughout the conference, NBCSL members will discuss policy issues that they will later draft into substantive policy resolutions and then ratify.
NBCSL members will discuss how states can best use those dollars to increase access to quality, affordable health care, and address disparity between whites and minorities in HIT workforce participation.
Representative Joe Armstrong (TN), President-Elect, NBCSL
We support President Obama's decision to act quickly on the tax relief agreement because we can't afford to have 150 million families seeing tax increases in January," said NBCSL President Smyre.
Because statistics show that African Americans are less likely to be diagnosed with and more likely to die from cancer than any other racial or ethnic group, NBCSL has chosen to focus this year's event entirely on the fight against cancer.
Billions of dollars will be lost in our communities - where resources are needed the most - unless we reach the hardest of the 'Hard-to-Count' population," said NBCSL President Calvin Smyre.
NBCSL is looking forward to its continued partnership with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Department of Agriculture and Department of Commerce.