NBDHENational Board Dental Hygiene Examination (American Dental Association test)
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One of the benefits of this computerized review course is that the NBDHE itself is a computer-based examination, so the course gives ample opportunity for students to become familiar with computerized learning and evaluation.
This faculty expertise and diversity provide another advantage for students preparing for the computerized NBDHE.
After faculty present the concepts, students answer questions, which are designed in the NBDHE formats, regarding the concept being reviewed.
This valuable additional component is to help students with skills that aid them when taking the NBDHE.
From there, click on the NBDHE Guide, download it and read it carefully, as it provides critical information about the application process and testing procedures as well as exam content and scoring.
First, the NBDHE is now computer-based, so participating in an online computer-based review is a great way to become more familiar with technology for teaching and learning.
The intent of this course is not to teach the subjects covered on the NBDHE (Table I) but rather for our faculty to review the subjects, draw your attention to more difficult concepts, and in general provide a framework or roadmap for preparing for the exam.
They have also developed a series of review questions for you to further sharpen your skills for taking the NBDHE.