NBEANational Business Education Association
NBEANational Black Employees Association
NBEANational Ballroom and Entertainment Association
NBEANational Broadcast Editorial Association
NBEANevada Business Educators Association
NBEANebraska Black Employees Association
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As one of the members of the old NBEA who recently returned to the craft of writing television editorials, I found this obscure case disturbing, because although the First Amendment implications are enormous, the stakes seem so small.
To buttress their argument, the two associations and the old NBEA conducted a survey in which television stations largely agreed that these rules discouraged editorial endorsements and vigorous editorializing.
In their brief, government lawyers contend that the rules did not chill debate and say the 1982 survey that suggests such a chilling effect is out of date, noting that the continuing decline of editorializing in broadcast media and the demise of NBEA.
NBEA, the national business education association, is a forum for NBEA members to share ideas on curriculum, teaching techniques, and other areas of business education.
Other National, State and Local Involvement: Entrepreneurship Consortium Member supported by "I CHOOSE" Grant, 2006-2007; WV Impact Education Project Team Member, D&E, 2002-2005; NBEA Legislative Advocacy Committee, Registration Com and Coordinator, 2001-2004; SBEA Legislative Chair, Awards Committee, Convention Planning, 2001-2004; Delta Pi Epsilon National Council; WV Delta Epsilon Chapter of Delta Pi Epsilon, Representative for WV Chapter, 2002, Sponsor/Adviser, 1997-present; Sam Walton Fellow D&E Students in Free Enterprise Team, 1997-present.
Other National, State and Local Involvement: Active member of the MnACTE, MACTA, NBEA, MBEI; Attended and presented at numerous state and local conferences for above groups; Presented at NABTE national research conference; Named MnACTE Outstanding Career and Technical Educator, 2005; Given the MBEI Outstanding Service Award, 2003.
1984 First joint convention with NBEA is held at Washington, D.
Phil Balboni, secretary of NBEA, was invited to write an article for The Masthead.
At NBEA's Detroit convention, six directors of NCEW attended a joint meeting with NBEA directors.
Members of NBEA were invited to NCEW conventions, and vice versa.
Bob Barnard of NCEW assumed responsibility for contacts between the two groups, and in 1985 NCEW and NBEA held serious talks regarding merger.
By then, NBEA clearly could not long survive as an independent organization.