NBESNational Business Ethics Survey (Arlington, VA)
NBESNational Book-Entry System (Federal Reserve)
NBESNational Business and Economics Society (interdisciplinary organization)
NBESNational Business Events Study (Australia)
NBESNorth Bend Elementary School (Washington)
NBESNarrow Beam Echo Sounder
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A possible explanation for some of the differing views contained in the NBES and the GECS reports may be that each surveyed a different population.
The 1996 NBES is an excellent source for analyzing African-American political trust for two important reasons.
Since the DORPS balance data contain the opening balance for Fedwire funds and the NBES has an opening balance of zero, end-of-minute balances were constructed from the transaction data.
The second component of the NBES is the transfer of securities between parties.
Because only depository institutions have access to the NBES, other buyers and sellers of government securities must use a depository institution as an intermediary.
The NBES measures critical aspects of ethics culture, including management's trustworthiness, whether managers at all levels talk about ethics and model appropriate behavior, and the extent to which employees value and support ethical conduct, accountability, and transparency.
Consistent with the results of NBES studies in previous years, both of the latest ERC reports link a strong ethical culture to a number of favorable workplace outcomes.
In describing the reasons that employees fail to use established procedures for reporting wrongdoing, the NBES concludes that relatively few companies have comprehensive and effective ethics and compliance programs in place.
According to the NBES, "Where top management displays certain ethics-related actions, employees are 50 percentage points less likely to observe misconduct.
The NBES also found most employees prefer to report misconduct to a person, especially someone with whom they already have a relationship, rather than to a company "hotline.