NBHDNorth Broward Hospital District (Florida)
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NBHD is the safety net provider in its service area, which is reflected in its high Medicaid (14% of gross revenues) and self-pay (21%) load.
In addition, Fitch expects NBHD to continue to grow its liquidity position.
NBHD had total operating revenue of $1 billion in fiscal 2004.
Healthcare organizations everywhere are focused on using technology to increase patient safety, improve operational performance and achieve better care quality, and NBHD is no exception," said Bob Scott, program manager with Cerner's Advanced Technologies Group.
We're proud of the performance benefits and cost savings NBHD has achieved using AppSense solutions because it has a direct impact on the quality of patient care.
NBHD management's goal is to attain 120-150 days' cash within the next 24 months.
NBHD employs physicians as a defensive measure to keep its position in the market, though the average loss per physician has declined roughly $25,000 to $100,000 per physician.
NBHD had a total $981 million in operating revenue in fiscal 2003.
The NBHD records some 55,000 in-patient hospital visits per year, with another 1 million outpatient, emergency room and satellite visits.
That is a tremendous growth rate," said Glenn Fell, director of information technology, NBHD.
NBHD maintains a leading and improving (27%) market share in Broward County; however, there is sizable competition from HCA, The Healthcare Company (formerly Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corp.