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NBINational Bureau of Investigation
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NBINouvelle Bonification Indiciaire (French: New Indexed Premium)
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NBINuclear Burst Indicator
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NBINo Boney Injury (medicine)
NBINot Bearing Interest
NBINational Bartending Institute (Atlanta, Georgia)
NBINextWave Broadband Inc
NBINuclear Boiler Instrumentation (nuclear power)
NBINeuberger Berman, Inc. (various locations)
NBINASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) Biotechnology Index
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Under the old system, an NBI clearance sought for travel purposes, for example, came in 36 types depending on the country of destination.
Police protocol mandates that any police officer making an arrest should immediately search the arrested individual for any dangerous weapons or prohibited items and afterwards bring the arrested individual at the police station for proper filing of the case,' the NBI said.
Results from this landmark study showed that NBI 30775 was well tolerated, did not exhibit endocrinological side effects and demonstrated significant anti-depressant activity defined by reduction in Hamilton Depression Scores.
As party to the case, we are not provided any notice, the letter was only leaked to the media, yet the NBI, to date, has refused to speak with our reporter about it,' the organization said.
Cortes said the NBI Clearance application for the first 20 days of February alone totalled 1,945, which is a 1,400 per cent increase from 125 applications in January and more than double the total applications in 2017 at 955.
Taguba acted as the broker who reportedly facilitated the importation of more than 600 kilos of methamphetamine hydrochloride, or shabu, that were seized by the NBI and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency in May 2017, in coordination with the BOC.
NBI Director Dante Gierran will join Mayor Rowena Tuason in the ribbon-cutting ceremonies for the clearance office.
In a 32-page report, the NBI found that Cruz was able to corner at least 75 percent of all garlic imports in the country by taking advantage of loopholes in the system.
The Sudanese minister of water resources and electricity said the overall investment preparation leveraged under the NBI currently stood at US$ 6.
Founded in 1999, the NBI is a partnership among Nile Basin countries that "seeks to develop the Nile River in a cooperative manner, share substantial socioeconomic benefits, and promote regional peace and security".
Should no higher proposal be made, NBI would buy the reorganised Cano for some USD47.
Chief Alex Peters sees the NBI as a "tremendous opportunity open to all First Nations" to re-write the rule book on balancing resource extraction with conservation and protection.