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NBICNational Board Inspection Code (American National Standard)
NBICNational Biosurveillance Integration Center (US DHS)
NBICNational Bank of Industry and Commerce
NBICNational Background Investigation Center
NBICNanotechnology, Biology and medicine, Information sciences, and Cognitive Sciences
NBICNarrow-Band Interference Canceller
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29, NBIC would have had to "commence an investigation" within the shorter of six business days after Nov.
The NBIC aspires to be the innovation hub that sparks the interest for innovation and entrepreneurship among people from all walks of life.
Control values for both bullets and cartridge cases were developed under the first NBIC project, which involved testing of the SRMs over about one year by 19 IBIS operators working on 13 different IBIS stations.
The finance department at NBIC supports projects, but Anselmo won't go so far as to say they champion projects.
To carry out its early detection and situational awareness mission, NBIC has made efforts to acquire data from the integration center's community of federal partners, obtain analytical expertise from other agencies, establish governance bodies to develop and oversee the community of federal partners, and provide information technologies to support data collection, analysis, and communication.
The mass customization experience of NBIC mentioned above showed that the main rivals of NBIC had a hard time trying to imitate its approach to mass customization because NBIC's IS that supported its mass customization operation was built with in-house engineering and manufacturing expertise accumulated over many years (Kotha, 1995).
technology has always been about manipulating atoms and molecular assemblers already exist or NBIC makes possible the increases in productivity and human performance that have always been the motive force of human evolution) no other future is desirable or even conceivable.
The NBIC is a state enterprise under the Ministry of Transport and Communications.
The FabLab was built with the context of Namibia in mind and is based on the premises of the Namibia Innovation Village, part of the NBIC.
in Albertson, NY named Donna Doyle, an NBIC employee, Executive of the Year.
An important step in implementing PipelineClaims was to convert existing NBIC claims production data from a legacy system into the new system.