NBIINational Biological Information Infrastructure
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NBII said, This is your chance to make a real difference.
According to NBII, interested parties can submit their business ideas to hnjohannes@polytechnic.
NBII created and promoted the Biological Data Profile of the Federal Geographic Data Committee and participated in many other standards development activities, particularly in response to critical environmental challenges.
PCAST acknowledged the value of the NBII and recommended that a next-generation NBII (NBII-2) be built.
The NBII has been developed through collaboration among federal, state, and international governments; academic institutions; nongovernmental organizations; interagency groups; and commercial enterprises to provide increased access to the nation's biological re sources.
The NBII wanted to maintain a common look and feel across the partner sites, while also incorporating government regulation compliance," said Mike Frame, NBII Technology Director.
The NBII was tasked with developing a corporate Web policy to ensure that its site, as well as partner sites, adheres to government accessibility mandate Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, which requires that all electronic technology used by the government is accessible to users with disabilities.
Since 2005, the NBII has worked with scientists from the USGS and Army Corps of Engineers (which coordinates the survey) and technical experts at Oregon State University to provide a standard method of entering data collected each season.
In 2006, the MountainPrairie node of the NBII (http://mpin.
Hi-Search will allow us to do dynamic browse trees of this information based on the work we have done in the past in putting both `traditional' and NBII-specific metatags on all of our NBII pages.
Doesn't NBII know of the failure of the Engineers Joint Council Thesaurus of many years ago?
The site educates investors on many of the basics of investing and the complete range of full service and discount brokerage services available through NBII.