NBIINational Biological Information Infrastructure
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NBII said, This is your chance to make a real difference.
PCAST acknowledged the value of the NBII and recommended that a next-generation NBII (NBII-2) be built.
The NBII wanted to maintain a common look and feel across the partner sites, while also incorporating government regulation compliance," said Mike Frame, NBII Technology Director.
The overall quality of the Vivisimo technical team has been a pleasure to work with and we are excited about the future implementation of search within our NBII program.
Since 2005, the NBII has worked with scientists from the USGS and Army Corps of Engineers (which coordinates the survey) and technical experts at Oregon State University to provide a standard method of entering data collected each season.
The USGS National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII) Program has research teams distributed throughout the country that use Plumtree to manage and collaborate on new research proposals related to biological informatics," said Mike Frame, USGS NBII Research & Technology director.
Gov is helping a broad network of biodiversity experts and advocates make informed decisions about managing the nation's biological resources, and avoid costly duplication of data and information," said Mike Frame, NBII director of research and technology.
The site educates investors on many of the basics of investing and the complete range of full service and discount brokerage services available through NBII.
With Plumtree Studio Server, creating work order requests, gathering user feedback, developing questionnaires, and group calendars takes a few minutes instead of weeks, enriching the community experience on our portal," said Mike Frame, USGS NBII Research & Technology Director.
com ) and NBII, LLC, a sales consulting and marketing organization that specializes in working with large Direct Sales Organizations (DSOs) today announced that the two companies have entered into a definitive agreement.
They include the ability to extend the SMMS interface with custom fields, the addition of support for the NBII biological proficle, and the ability to serve metadata to users through two web interfaces.