NBIMCNewark Beth Israel Medical Center (New Jersey)
NBIMCNew Brunswick Investment Management Corporation (Canada)
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NBIMC nutritionists are working with school's food service to improve school lunches and a salad bar is now offered twice weekly
In the NICU, NBIMC estimated the cost attributable to MRSA infection at $48,000 per patient; that cost in the adult literature was estimated to be $31,400.
In August 2005, NBIMC instituted a sweeping set of measures that sharply decreased infection rates.
NBIMC uses BD's GeneOhm MRSA Assay for screening its patients.
He brought his companies in those spaces--Raptor Systems and OKENA--to very successful outcomes," said George Long of NBIMC.
According to Ernie MacKinnon, President and CEO of NBIMC, "With Q1 Labs, we saw a company that was able to establish an enterprise customer base while in bootstrap mode.
NBIMC has set a goal of building a portfolio of $60 million in private investments in the region.
When NBIMC came on board with their support, we were elated.
We invested in Kinek because we saw the potential of the technology," said Ernest MacKinnon, CEO, NBIMC.