NBLCANational Black Leadership Commission on AIDS (also seen as BLACA)
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Debra and her organization NBLCA has been at the forefront in the fight against HIV/AIDS in our communities.
Prior to her founding presidency at NBLCA, Fraser-Howze served as Director of Teenage Services at the New York Urban League.
The awards will be presented June 11 at the NBLCA gala at New York City's The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers.
This is where the NBLCA excels and this is where the African-American leadership can come together to bolster the Commission's efforts.
We've drawn people from every platform of influence in our community -- literally from the stage to the boardroom," said Debra Frazer-Howze, the NBLCA founder, president and CEO.
Through organizing and educating indigenous Black leaders on HIV/AIDS prevention and public health, the NBLCA has created a unique structure of affiliate chapters consisting of clergy, media representatives, medical practitioners, business professionals and philanthropists with a history and tradition of service to their communities.
for NBLCA, +1-312-558-1770, or cell +1-847-525-4790
The collaboration between the NAACP and NBLCA marks the first of its kind between the two national organizations.
Today is when we take a new course with NAACP and NBLCA to address HIV/AIDS in the African-American community.
Design a strategic plan to raise more than $500,000 to accomplish the goals of the Cleveland affiliate of NBLCA.
Healthcare has become the civil rights issue of our time," said David Dinkins, chairman of NBLCA, former mayor of New York City.