NBMENational Board of Medical Examiners
NBMENevada Board of Medical Examiners (Reno, NV)
NBMENetwork-Based Mobile Education
NBMENada Brahma Music Ensemble (Sacramento, CA)
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The NBME, which creates and administers the United States Medical Licensing Examination and many other health profession assessments, sponsored the competition as part of its centennial celebration.
Ravi Bhatia, Associate Editor of Knowmedge, states, “In addition to the 'must know' exam pearls, the sections on studying for the ABIM exam and NBME Internal Medicine Shelf Exam will provide a helpful overview on preparing for the boards.
NBME examination part 1 as a predictor of clinical and ABIM certifying examination performances.
The NBME assessment works much like the "360-degree" evaluation common in the corporate world, where feedback comes not only from a boss, but from virtually every type of worker the person being tested regularly interacts with.
The NBME assures us that much research has been done and that these problems have been resolved.
Last year the American Medical Association House of Delegates, at the urging of its medical students section, passed a resolution calling on NBME and FSMB to hold off on instituting the tests until they were certain the model they adopted was the most valid, evidence-based, cost-effective one possible.
While NBME wasn't well known, Melnick considered its influence key.
The plan calls for FSMB and NBME initially to construct five testing sites in Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and either Houston or Dallas, with the hopes of adding two more sites later on.
Arthur Broder, MD, CHCQM, Chair of ABQAURP Board of Directors noted, "ABQAURP is the only entity that offers a certification examination for clinical and non-clinical health care professionals in medical management, risk management, and quality-based knowledge that is overseen by the NBME.
Many delegates said the medical profession owed it to patients to ensure that its doctors are properly skilled in the basics of conducting examinations, while others said that such skill should be assumed of medical school graduates and those that are deficient will pick up those skills in residency As currently proposed by NBME, the exam testing sites will be within easy driving distance of half the medical students in the country The cost of travel for the other half--on top of the nearly $1,000 charged for the exam itself--represents an unfair hardship on medical stude nts, they said.
The NBME is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides high-quality examinations for the health professions.
If the injunction is in effect at that time, the NBME will comply with its terms.