NBMGNevada Bureau of Mines Geology (research unit, Mackay School of Mines; University of Nevada at Reno)
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Regarding KTB's advertisement budget, Vassilev explains that it is times smaller than the ones of the biggest bank players in Bulgaria and certainly not the key factor for the advancement of NBMG.
Media outlets connected to NBMG have started what Mr Plevneliev calls a vicious smear campaign against him; there is talk in Sofia that the prime minister wants the president impeached.
The material described herein is housed in the New Brunswick Museum, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada and is prefixed NBMG.
Material: Sixteen specimens on 4 rock slabs, NBMG 11013 - 11016.
Additional specimens: NBMG 11014/1 - 2; NBMG 11015/1 - 2; NBMG 11016/1
Outer surfaces of tubes are typically smooth; superficial and irregularly developed wrinkles/striations on NBMG 11014/1 -2, 11016/1 are considered compactional and n ot primary features.