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NBNANational Black Nurses Association
NBNANorthwest Broadcast News Association
NBNANeonatal Behavioral Neurological Assessment
NBNANewton Booth Neighborhoods Association (California)
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com is pleased to have finalized plans with the NBNA to webcast portions of the NBNA Annual Institute and Conference.
Hilda Richards, EdD, RN, FAAN, president of NBNA stated that "NBNA is a forward moving organization that wants to do everything to ensure that African American nurses are on the cutting edge of clinical practice.
The NMA and the NBNA want to assure that at risk children are well protected.
Our partnership with the NBNA provides valuable information and the financial tools to help lower the cost of buying and owning a home," says Robert Kallio, associate vice president of marketing for NAMC.
During his presentation, Yakushi provided NBNA members with information about how to correctly install car or booster seats based on the design of the vehicle.
Mattielda Johnson, a co-founder of NBNA and a well-known pioneer in nursing and research will attend the programs.
The mortgage loans were sold or contributed to MPF by NBNA or NBMC, a wholly owned subsidiary of NBNA.
NBMC), a subsidiary of NationsBank Texas and an affiliate of MPREIT, and contributed to MPREIT by NBNA and its affiliate banks.