NBODNational Board of Directors
NBODNitrogenous Biochemical Oxygen Demand
NBODNational Bank of Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
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Zetera's NBOD solutions can be installed quickly and can easily be scaled to add as much storage as needed.
Zetera's NBOD family of solutions is based on its innovative Z-SAN[R] architecture.
Zetera raised the bar for SAN based storage with the NBOD series," Raia stated.
POLAR's ZNVR network video recorders featuring Zetera NBOD networked storage solutions are now available.
NBODs deliver the best of all worlds, providing simplicity and low cost points comparable to DAS, with virtually unlimited scalability of capacity and performance," added Cortright.
Zetera NBOD products are the first to offer SMBs a solution to bridge the gap between DAS and iSCSI SANs.
The real-world benefits of NBOD products are gaining significant traction with our customers, enabling them to experience the benefits of SAN without specialists or an inflated budget," said Chuck Cortright, Zetera's president and CEO.
Zetera NBOD solutions provide unique benefits not often enjoyed with traditional storage technologies, including:
Products based on Z-SAN technology, such as Zetera NBOD solutions, are simple to install, configure and manage.
The Zetera Partner Program's debut is concurrent with the launch of Zetera NBOD solutions, which are based on its innovative Z-SAN architecture.
For more information on how to sell NBOD products and become a Zetera partner, please visit http://partners.