NBOENon-gasoline Burning Outboard Engine (multi-fuel engine)
NBOENational Board of Education (Liberia)
References in classic literature ?
She was accused of making Ole Benson lose the little sense he had-- and that at an age when she should still have been in pinafores.
Not long after Mary came back from the asylum, I heard a young Dane, who was helping us to thresh, tell Jake and Otto that Chris Lingard's oldest girl had put Ole Benson out of his head, until he had no more sense than his crazy wife.
I wish somebody'd break my arm, ole chappie-- damfidon't
The evening meal at the house is over, and Aunt Chloe, who presided over its preparation as head cook, has left to inferior officers in the kitchen the business of clearing away and washing dishes, and come out into her own snug territories, to "get her ole man's supper"; therefore, doubt not that it is her you see by the fire, presiding with anxious interest over certain frizzling items in a stew-pan, and anon with grave consideration lifting the cover of a bake-kettle, from whence steam forth indubitable intimations of "something good.
Yo' ole father doan' know yit what he's a-gwyne to do.
Is ole Miss Cooper's Nancy done give you de mitten?
Ole missis, she tole me I got to go an' git dis water an' not stop foolin' roun' wid anybody.
An' the place was that neglected that yer might `ave smelled ole Jerusalem in it.
The ole garden is open to you, and your airy pinions carry you through it.
When you an' me mushed into the Yukon in the good ole days, it didn't rain soup and they wa'n't no free-lunch joints.
How d'ye do, Ole," Charley greeted a big blue-shirted Swede who was greasing the jaws of the main gaff with a piece of pork rind.
So blond was he that she was reminded of stage-types she had seen, such as Ole Olson and Yon Yonson; but there resemblance ceased.