NBOMENational Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners
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The NBOME offers a three level examination program, COMLEX-USA, which provides a Level for each element of the licensing process, focusing on the knowledge medical students acquire from the first two years of medical school (Level 1); to the clinical knowledge typical of osteopathic medical clerkship (Level 2), and to the requisite clinical knowledge expected of practicing osteopathic physicians (Level 3).
Teaming with Thomson Prometric for the CBT conversion of COMLEX-USA is a reflection of the commitment of the NBOME to maintain the highest standards of professional testing in the interest of the public," says Dr.
The NBOME delivers more than 10,000 COMLEX-USA examinations annually.
The NBOME was established in 1934, and has provided an evaluation instrument which is the primary pathway osteopathic physicians use to obtain medical licensure with full practice rights throughout the nation.
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