nBORNucleus of the Basal Optic Root
NBORNo Boundaries or Rules (digital media)
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NBOR TALK and YCAAT can be used for everything from web conferencing and virtual meetings to support and training, sales presentations, distance learning, group school assignments, and just having fun with friends and family.
In Blackspace, documents are always interactive, because NBOR allows you to easily create and add animation, pie charts and bar graphs, tool tips, music and narration.
They can be used to protect items sent during NBOR TALK and YCAAT sessions or to password-protect the features and functionality of any graphic object (including text) in Blackspace.
This should include the addition of Voice over IP to NBOR TALK and YCAAT, thus eliminating the need for a telephone.
NBOR Corporation was founded in 1996 by its CEO, Denny Jaeger.
After seeing NBOR in action last December, John Seely Brown, the former Chief Scientist of Xerox Corporation and director of Xerox PARC (where the GUI was invented), said: "Blackspace is a fundamental change in how we learn, work, play and communicate--as great as the advent of motion pictures.
Kathleen Hagstrom, the principal at the Walt Disney Magnet Elementary School in Chicago, where NBOR will be introduced into their curriculum next week, calls it "the answer to an educator's prayer.
NBOR will debut on March 15, 2004, for personal computers and pen tablets using the Windows 2000 and XP operating systems.