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NBRNightly Business Report (PBS show)
NBRNational Board of Revenue (Bangladesh)
NBRNational Business Review (New Zealand weekly business newspaper)
NBRNational Board of Review
NBRNitrile Butadiene Rubber
NBRNational Bureau of Asian Research
NBRNorth British Railway
NBRNational Bank of Romania
NBRNational Board of Review of Motion Pictures
NBRNonborrowed Reserves (banking)
NBRNottaway-Broadback-Rupert (Canada, hydroelectric dam complex)
NBRNo Beers Required
NBRNatural Background Radiation (radioactivity)
NBRButadiene-acrylonitrile copolymer rubber
NBRNational Burn Repository
NBRNavigation Base Reference
NBRNarrow Band Receiver
NBRNot Business Related
NBRNew Britain Transportation, Inc.
NBRNational Broadcast Radio
NBRNew Better than Used
NBRNational Benefit Resources Group
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Similar concept can be applied to CR and NBR rubber, which are the polar rubbers.
in Zhenjiang of Jiangsu province, China, a subsidiary of Nantex Group, has been mass producing NBR since 2003, with the maker being the world's leading manufacturer of NBR.
The NBR report came as the Election Commission earlier this week scrapped or withheld the nomination papers of a dozen of stalwarts of major political parties for bank loan defaults or charges of violation of other election rules.
The NBR operating procedure generated a great deal of interest and controversy among economists.
In order to provide our clients with the best competitive analysis we have also included company market share for rubber glove manufacturers, NBR producers and acrylonitrile manufacturers.
Different weight ratios of DCP were adopted to maintain a constant concentration relative to the amount of NBR (NBR/ DCP = 100/1).
In line with the market consensus and our call, the NBR delivered a 25bp cut to 4.
Nipol DP5123P is an uncrosslinked nitrile rubber for plasticized PVC; Nipol DP5125P is a partially crosslinked NBR copolymer said to improve oil and chemical resistance; and Nipol DP5128P is a partially crosslinked NBR that improves low-temperature performance and heat aging in plasticized PVC.
Several polymers were currently blended with PVC to improve its impact behavior [5-7], Acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) was widely used to blend with PVC due to its fine compatibility with PVC, which has been reviewed in several previous research studies [8-11], Although NBR can significantly improve the PVC toughness, it also decreases the vicat softening point and glass-transition temperature ([T.