NBSAPNational Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan
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Table 3 NBSAPs and Synergies Between Biodiversity-related Conventions in LAC Countries Synergies explicitly addressed Country NBSAP and Dale of Comments Adoption Brazi1 Polilica National da The strategy features three Biodiversidade objectives in the area of (2002) international cooperation, one of which is to create synergies in the implementation of international environ-mental agreements adopted by the country.
MEA officials are also collaborating on the updating of the NBSAP and the national policy on wetlands (Panamanian interviewee).
Interviews suggest that, in most LAC countries, NBSAPs were reviewed as part of the preparation of their fourth national reports to the CBD (due on 30 March 2009), rather than as part of ongoing monitoring of NBSAP implementation.
Project Description: As an overall contribution to the achievement of the Aichi Biodiversity Target 17 at the global level, to provide technical support to all eligible countries accessing GEF Biodiversity Enabling Activities funding, with a view to improving the quality benchmark and policy relevance of the next generation of NBSAPs, while also enhancing public participation in the NBSAP preparation process.
They are: (1) A participative stocktaking exercise on biodiversity planning takes place and national biodiversity targets are developed in response to the global Aichi Targets; (2) The NBSAP is revised/updated and it fully integrates new aspects of the CBD strategic plan, such as mainstreaming and anchoring the implementation of the plan into national development frameworks, valuing ecosystem services and promoting ecosystem-based adaptation and resilience; and (3) National frameworks for resource mobilisation, Convention reporting and exchange mechanisms are strengthened.
National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan and 5th National Report to CBD prepared in compliance with Biodiversity Law and CBD Strategic Plan 2011-2020, developed - Provincial commitment and capacity strengthened to implement NBSAP
3) The national frameworks for the implementation of NBSAPs as well as for reporting and exchange mechanisms in the framework of the CBD are reinforced
The project responds to CBD COP decision X/10 on National Reporting, the Notification for 5th National Report and revision of NBSAPs and the AICHI Biodiversity Targets which will ensure that countries are in complicity with the 2011-2020 Strategic Plan for Biodiversity and Aichi Targets for biodiversity as agreed by countries in COP 10.