NBSSNorth Bennet Street School (Boston, MA)
NBSSNetbios Session Service
NBSSNational Breast Screening Service (UK)
NBSSNational Beer Scoring Scheme
NBSSNational Boating Safety School
NBSSNortel Base Station Subsystem (Nortel Networks)
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Eligible patients were enrolled in the 2 weeks prior to intravesical onabotulinum toxin A injection, and completed a basic urologic history, the NBSS and the Qualiveen SF(5).
Using the total intravesical onabotulinum toxin A patient cohort, a paired t-test (mean NBSS domain score at baseline compared to mean NBSS domain score follow-up), standardized effect size (SES), and standardized response mean (SRM) was calculated.
where a and b represent the intercept and slope of the NBSS and w is body mass.
2g) with fishing pressure, and ii) those that initially respond abruptly to fishing pressure, but becomes insensitive after a threshold is reached (FiB index, Mean Trophic Level of the Catch, NBSS slope and estimated total community biomass, Figs.
Table-II) Comparison of E2 TC TG sICAM-1 between the BSS Group and NBSS Group: Compared with the healthy control group the levels of TC and TG in BSS group and NBSS group were significantly increased (Pless than 0.
There was no difference between the BSS group and the NBSS group (Pgreater than 0.
The NBSS, NSN 3655-01-559-0617, provides a backpack harness that has a high-pressure nitrogen cylinder and two service kits.
The NBSS also supplies nitrogen for areas that are not easy to reach with the nitrogen servicing cart.
The NBSS includes an adequate amount of liquid to be tested for potential aspiration, whereas the other nursing swallow screens did not test an adequate bolus amount to effectively identify possible aspiration.
One output of the NBSS, the Anomaly Severity Ranking System, ranked bank ratios by peer group to detect outliers.
Unfortunately, the NBSS was very limited with respect to measures of drinking pattern.
54+2 sheet soil map (1:5 000 000 scale) NBSS publication 48b.