NBSSNorth Bennet Street School (Boston, MA)
NBSSNetbios Session Service
NBSSNational Breast Screening Service (UK)
NBSSNational Beer Scoring Scheme
NBSSNational Boating Safety School
NBSSNortel Base Station Subsystem (Nortel Networks)
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The NBSS developed at this facility incorporated both solids and liquids in addition to identifying signs and symptoms of silent and overt aspiration.
The NBSS was developed out of the need to screen all patients admitted to the ED, intensive care unit, neuroscience unit and/or neurocritical care unit and to satisfy The Joint Commission directive.
Inservices were provided by the SLP to all nurses on the aforementioned floors to ensure competency of the NBSS before initiating the data collection.
For each of the patients admitted with neurological symptoms, the SLP would read the NBSS results before conducting a bedside dysphagia evaluation.
Forty-six of the patients received a swallow evaluation after the initial NBSS as part of the facility's protocol with the Brain Attack Pathway.
Of the 46 NBSS and SLP dysphagia evaluations, 34 of the patients passed the NBSS and were deemed to be appropriate for oral intake by the speech pathologist.
As a whole, the NBSS and SLP dysphagia evaluation results were consistent with each other for 40 of 46 patients (89.
The Joint Commission retired the dysphagia screen measure in the spring of 2010 because no standard, validated NBSS was available.
One output of the NBSS, the Anomaly Severity Ranking System, ranked bank ratios by peer group to detect outliers.
54+2 sheet soil map (1:5 000 000 scale) NBSS publication 48b.