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NBTCNanobiotechnology Center (Cornell University)
NBTCNetherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions
NBTCNational Blood Transfusion Committee (Department of Health; UK)
NBTCNational Blood Transfusion Center (aka National Blood Transfusion Centre; various locations)
NBTCNarrow-Beam Trisector Cell
NBTCNorthern Boundary Technical Committee (Pacific Salmon Commission)
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But Meas Soeun, a 45-year-old moto-taxi driver who waits for customers in front of the NBTC, said he knows the blood-sale network very well.
The NBTC set out guidelines for the 2100MHz 3G auction it planned towards the end of 2012
NBTC telecoms chair colonel Setthapong Malisuwan stated that there were many technical details to be covered in allowing the use of 2.
The Thai Constitution Protection Association has said that it is seeking an order from NBTC to pressure Channel 3 into airing the final two episodes of the show.
Though NBTC did not issue a mandate that all channel licensees have to participate in this trial phase, Frost & Sullivan believes that participation in this trial period has high significance and all stakeholders should closely monitor the outcome.
Test suites are currently available for DTG D-Book, NorDig, NBTC and QCVN 63.
Handling the spiking demand for bandwidth with existing infrastructure will be a challenge for all stakeholders, Ministry of ICT the key enabler, NBTC the regulator, and telecom operators," Teera added.
The Central Administrative Court has rejected the TOT's request to revoke an order by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission that the state agency has to submit to the NBTC a remedy plan to protect consumers after its 900-megahertz concession expires on September 30.
This is a critical moment for the country, as the NBTC is about to choose a path for mobile spectrum that is either harmonised with the rest of Asia Pacific or one that will fragment the region, leading to costly outcomes for Thailand and its neighbouring countries," said Tom Phillips, Chief Government and Regulatory Affairs Officer at the GSMA.
The NTC was replaced as regulator by the NBTC in late 2011 finally clearing the way for 3G mobile licences to be issued by way of an auction, probably in late 2012.
Thailand's 4G auctions, originally scheduled to be held last August, will be further delayed, according to Thai regulator NBTC.
NBTC is already a strategic partner for Eurail and represents Eurail for public relations activities in Asia through its wholly owned offices in Japan and China, as well as through its partners in S-Korea and India.