NBTVNarrow-Band Television
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NBTV Studios, a full service video production and content development company whose clients include NBC Universal, Puma, media agency Sarkissian Mason and Argentina-based telecom company SERSAT S.
NBTV is excited to be working with a robust media technology company like QualityTech to provide our clients with state of the art live web streaming," said Nick Buzzell, President of NBTV Studios, who also served as Executive Producer of the event.
The stream was provided to NBTV to webcast the event to the various college and university locations.
With the addition of national 60 second spots on DIRECTV and DISH Network, our NBTV campaigns will be even more impactful," said Richard Sherman, president, Pacific Media Partners.
Similar to news spotlights featured on top national broadcast and cable networks, each NBTV segment or feature is 2-5 minutes long, and may include product footage, interviews with company founders, industry experts, and even testimonials from satisfied customers.
The ideal vehicle for companies looking for highly targeted ways to support new company initiatives and/or product launches, NBTV campaigns are available in 3 different levels of broadcast coverage with 1,000, 2,000, and 3,000 airing options which typically run in 1, 2, and 3 month durations respectively.