NBTWNobody Beats the Wiz
NBTWNot Back to Work or Studies (brain injury assessment)
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NBTW is known for its wide selection of quality electronics products, superior service and fair prices.
The AGT Digital Link(TM) System at NBTW will also be used to create a library of images used in merchandising and merchandising materials, which as digital files may be easily "re-purposed" for other uses.
Following AGT's start-up of on-site management of the NBTW color imaging facility, AGT anticipate a second phase of the operation which will be the development of a sophisticated point-of-sale production system to produce in-store promotion and signage materials such as banners and counter cards.
Through these phases, a large digital database will be created that will ultimately be the engine to drive a state of the art Electronic Commerce System "Elcos(R)," to allow NBTW to take advantage of all new electronic distribution opportunities for sales and marketing of their products; such as CD-ROM, electronic kiosks, Internet and other on-line services.