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NBUNew Bulgarian University (Sofia, Bulgaria)
NBUNetbackup (Symantec software)
NBUNational Bank of Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine)
NBUNational Bank of Uzbekistan
NBUNon-Bargaining Unit (employees)
NBUNorth Bengal University (India)
NBUNew Better than Used
NBUNational Biodiversity Unit (Egypt)
NBUNational Business Unit
NBUNo Banana Union
NBUNever Been Used
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Students from renowned private university, NBU are actively involved in a volunteer campaign aiming to distribute food aid and medicines to Syrian children housed in refugee shelters in Sofia.
Matthew Gill described the NBU and some of its members as "sinister and dangerous" and said he too had never asked to officially join or become a district officer.
Some have left us due to our perseverance but, for most students and faculty members, it is a positive aspect, and the remarkable positive mood in NBU is felt immediately by newcomers" .
In recent news, the NBU has expressed its desire to see the bank 50/50 recapitalised by a private investor and the State.
Furthermore, F&C reached an agreement with Eurobond creditors to extend the maturity of US$ 100 mln of Eurobonds until January 2014, and also secured extension of the NBU refinancing facility of UAH 6.
But freshman life at NBU falls woefully short of Adelaide's expectations.
472-8(b)(1) and (b) (2)(i)), a manufacturer also engaged in wholesaling or retailing cannot include purchased goods in the manufacturing NBU pool.
Penton said that NBU "is the world's leading provider of market data, lists and financial statistics concerning the industry.
Not only have the behavior analysis techniques honed by the NBU staff proven effective in treating the most difficult behavioral problems--the staff achieves a 90 percent decrease in aggressive behavior among three quarters of its inpatients and a recidivism rate below 5 percent--they have set the standard for the entire country.
This includes information on industrial production, the CPI figures, official unemployment statistics, labor force demand, nominal wages, real disposable income, retail trade turnover, state budget and consolidated budget figures, money supply and monetary base information, NBU reserves, discount rate, exchange rate statistics, banking sector indicators, BoP data as well as information on foreign trade.
RACECOURSE KEY Beverley - BEV Brighton - BGH Newbury - NBU Newton Abbot - NEW A Little Bit Dusty .
About a dozen college students have attempted to occupy Wednesday the auditorium of New Bulgarian University, NBU, in support of their colleagues from Sofia University.