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NBVNet Book Value
NBVNykterhetsrörelsens Bildningsverksamhet (Swedish: Educational activityof the Sobriety Movement)
NBVNew Business Value (life insurance)
NBVNational Bank of Vanuatu
NBVNew Business Venture
NBVNothing But Volleyball
NBVNavigation-Based Vehicle speed
NBVNon Bus Vectored
NBVNatural Born Voyeur (movie)
NBVNorthern Best Value (Canadian food brand)
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DSD made a complaint to the Met in 2003, while NBV contacted them after she was attacked in July 2007.
0% Table 3: Based on Amsel's Clinical Criteria: (Cases With and Without BV) Clinical Sign BV NBV Total Chi-Square Tests Thin Grey No.
3: Value allocation keys used by valuers GBV NBV NRC GRC GBV -- 25% 27% * 35% NBV 21% -- 24% 35% NRC 14% 18% -- 36% GRC 12% 13% 13% -- Note: * The differences in frequency between the categories with bolded values are statistically significant, for a significance level (threshold) of 95%.
For viruses in the NBV species group, a mixture of purified recombinant sigma C proteins from NBV, Pulau virus, Melaka virus, and Kampar virus was used as ELISA antigen for initial screening.
However, in the case of the Activities 15 and 18, if we only analyze the Table 4 of Capital Deficiency Analysis, we notice that the greatest capital cost weight concentrates in the item NBV, the one related to the net book value of the equipment used.
The NBV accreditation standards do not prohibit TAFE applications, unlike in other states and territories.
This implies that the parent consolidates its percentage of the subsidiary NBV, its percentage of the FMV increment, and its percentage of goodwill.
Last week, just two days after announcing a buyout deal with NASC, Beverly announced it was considering a second offer from an investors group made up of Formation Capital LLC, Franklin Mutual Advisers LLC, Appaloosa Management LP and Northbrook NBV LLC--the same group that attempted a hostile takeover of the company earlier this year.
To maintain its pioneer positioning in the industry, New Energy Ventures created a technology-based subsidiary, NBV Technologies, to be the global leader in distributed generation products.
The variable NBV denotes the net book value of common equity before investments in equity and fixed maturity securities and before the liability for unpaid claims.
The women, known as DSD and NBV, formally lodged an application yesterday for a judicial review into the parole board's decision, their solicitors said.
12 December 2016 - New York-based spirits and wines company Pernod Ricard USA LLC's NBV Investments Inc affiliate has signed an agreement to take a majority stake in West Virginia distiller Smooth Ambler Spirits Co.