NBWHPNational Black Women's Health Project
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For the most part, Well participants are drawn from members of the Southern California Chapter of the NBWHP, residents of the housing complex, women from the immediate neighborhood who walk to The Well, and women who come to The Well for a specific service or activity and then learn about other Well-sponsored programs and events.
Important supporting organizations include several funders, universities, the landlord of the housing project, the Southern California Chapter of the NBWHP, and the NBWHP.
Similarly, the Southern California Chapter of the NBWHP is integrally involved in Well activities.
NBWHP members and program participants are regularly involved in the decision-making process and planning regarding Well programs and community-based collaborations.
Because of this limited success in recruiting from the WEMC patient population, we adopted the second strategy described previously: contacting women in public housing projects, business establishments, and churches, and through the NBWHP.
NBWHP is leading the way in the development of innovative programs and services that give African-American women the necessary tools to better manage their health and lifestyle needs.