NBYNational Bank of Yugoslavia
NBYNutrient Broth Yeast Extract
NBYNational Bank of Yemen (est. 1969; Aden, Yemen)
NBYNot Bad Yourself
NBYNot Back Yet (chat slang)
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NBY has recorded a consistent record of profitability over the years although in 2009 returns slipped due to a decline in margins as interest rates fell together with a higher provision charge and lower provision writebacks.
However, owing to the high risk lending environment in Yemen, NBY largely directs funds to government securities and the Central Bank.
Each group of students followed the same general protocol for preparing its samples and streaking the fruits or vegetables to Petri dishes with either NBY or PDA-AS.
Repeat with a third and fourth grape, streaking onto new NBY and PDA-AS plates.
Streak one grape across an NBY plate, and a second across a PDA-AS plate.
Repeat with grapes three and four on new NBY and PDA-AS plates.
For the second lab period, the students counted and selected bacteria and fungi to transfer to new NBY and PDA-AS plates, respectively.
These were streaked to a fresh NBY plate (Figure 1B), followed by incubation at 28[degrees] C for 48 hours (Lelliott & Stead, 1987; Schaad et al.