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NC-17No One 17 and Under Admitted (MPAA rating)
NC-17No Children under 17 years of age (movie rating)
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Popular premium TV serials such as HBO's "Game of Thrones" and "True Detective" andNetflix's "Orange Is the New Black" could be NC-17, but that hasn't left them culturally marginalized.
A: Filmmakers do not want to go out with an NC-17 rating.
GV: Are you afraid, for commercial reasons, of the NC-17 rating?
But Gibson preferred to give us a story shorn of almost all beginning and end, leaving a massive middle containing little more of interest than a rising intensity of implausible violence that should have been rated NC-17.
But you must have forgotten that the Motion Picture Association of America rated Requiem for a Dream NC-17.
Otherwise, the Motion Picture Association of America would have slapped an NC-17 rating on the film - completely barring those under 17 from seeing it.
The ratings system currently used by MPAA is favored by 83% of the respondents: G for general audiences; PG for parental guidance suggested; PG-13 for special parental guidance for children under 13; R for restricted to audiences 17 and over unless accompanied by a parent or guardian; and NC-17 for no children under 17 admitted.
The company is happy about receiving an R rating because this increases the potential audience for the film over a non-rated or NC-17 rated film," said James Hergott, President.
Depending on the graphic nature of the movie, the 50 Shades of Grey film could face an NC-17 rating from the Motion Picture Association of America, where people under 18 years of age will not be allowed to watch it in the American theaters.
She said that the movie was going to be rated NC-17 and was going to be raunchy.
Jane March [The Lover's lead actress] just seemed to do a lot of NC-17 movies at the time.
The ratings association gave gay mocumentary Bruno an NC-17 for depicting gay sex, essentially banning it from theaters.