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NC-17No One 17 and Under Admitted (MPAA rating)
NC-17No Children under 17 years of age (movie rating)
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A: Filmmakers do not want to go out with an NC-17 rating.
The ratings system currently used by MPAA is favored by 83% of the respondents: G for general audiences; PG for parental guidance suggested; PG-13 for special parental guidance for children under 13; R for restricted to audiences 17 and over unless accompanied by a parent or guardian; and NC-17 for no children under 17 admitted.
Due to the film's NC-17 rating, the director is attempting to use crowdfunding to get the film out there but because of the banning of their social media page the feature is still in the dark.
They've earned the film an NC-17 rating and even a ban at one movie theater in Boise, Idaho.
She said that the movie was going to be rated NC-17 and was going to be raunchy.
In response to our huge success in 2011, we are expanding this year's Fright Fest into the troughs of Roaring Rapids to create Wicked Woods and out into Hurricane Harbor to unveil a new nighttime dance club experience, Fright Club, which is rated NC-17.
Jane March [The Lover's lead actress] just seemed to do a lot of NC-17 movies at the time.
those things have never been in an NC-17 movie before.
Regardless of the artistic intent, filmmakers adding a little boy-on-boy action are headed for an NC-17 rating and all that it implies: advertising restrictions and limited releases.
Bringing new meaning to the term Bacon sandwich, US censors have slapped an adults only NC-17 certificate on noirish mystery Where The Truth Lies.
Speaking of Kevin Bacon, the producer of a new film that stars the `Animal House' actor and Colin Firth said Monday that he would appeal the decision by the Motion Picture Association of America to give ``Where the Truth Lies'' an NC-17 rating.
This was because American Psycho had originally been rated NC-17 in the States.