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NC1Non-Collagenous Domain
NC1Node Controller 1
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All data were subjected to the Lilliefors test, to verify normality, and subdivided into four groups: plant morphology --"Plant" (PH, PW, TNC, NC1, etc.
The lack of beneficial effect of enzymes on the weight gain demonstrates that the changes promoted in NC1, NC2 and NC3 diets may not be suitable for all the periods, since even with improved digestibility promoted by the use of enzymes, the weight gain of birds was not similar to the control diet, considering the period 1-42 days.
The Revo NC1 offers OTTO's revolutionary, patent-pending noise canceling technology in a compact, palm-sized speaker microphone.
Polymer/Blend/Composites Type Nanotalc Designation (wt%) Polyamide 6 (PA6) Pristine 0 NC0 NC composites Polyamide 6/Nanotalc Binary 1 NC1 composites 2 NC2 4 NC4 PA6/EBA-g-MAH/EBA in [100/2/8 Blend 0 TC0 TC composites in (pbw)] (PA6/EBA-g-MAH/EBA)/Nanotalc Ternary 1 TC1 composites 2 TC2 4 TC4
The final body weight of the chicks fed NC1+RM was highest, while those of chicks fed diets containing RM were significantly higher than those in the NC1 and NC2 (p<0.
Transcurridos cuatro dias de la impregnacion de los colectores en los estanques, se tomaron muestras para determinar la presencia de la cepa NC1 a traves del ADN genomico, siguiendo la metodologia descrita por Tsai & Olson (1991).
uk, send them or drop them into our offices: NCJ Media, Groat Market, Newcastle NC1 1ED, to take part in the parenting panel email the same address or call Hannah Davies on (0191) 201 6341.
2a shows that clay layers are distributed as small tactoids and intercalated layers in the case of NC1.
The NC1 laser-based toolsetting system offers high-speed, non-contact operation and high-speed broken tool detection on machining centers.
a supplier of probe systems for machine tools, developed its NC1 laser-based toolsetting system, which allows for high-speed detection of broken tools on machining centers.