NC2Negative Cofactor 2
NC2Nuclear Command and Control
NC2Normal Control Group 2
NC2Navigation Control Console
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Significant correlation coefficients for the clones IPA and OEM were obtained of the production variables (IPA: DMY, DMC and CFB; OEM: DMY, DMC, CFB and CDB) with plant morphology (IPA: PW, NC2 and NC3; OEM: PW, NC1 and NC2) and cladode morphology (IPA: CL2, CTB, CT3 and CP2; OEM: CLB, CL1, CW1, CTB, CT2 and CAB).
The lack of beneficial effect of enzymes on the weight gain demonstrates that the changes promoted in NC1, NC2 and NC3 diets may not be suitable for all the periods, since even with improved digestibility promoted by the use of enzymes, the weight gain of birds was not similar to the control diet, considering the period 1-42 days.
1]) during the UV exposure at the external surface of the injected neat PP, NC2.
7) Note that NC2 and NC3 have few data instances, hence their correlation results should be taken with caution.
Country: AustraliaSector: Tourism, MediaTarget: Lonely Planet Publications Pty LtdBuyer: NC2 MediaVendor: BBC Worldwide Ltd, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)Deal size in USD: 78mType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Agreed
El primero de ellos consiste en la interferencia por parte de estos anticuerpos unidos al colageno tipo VII con las interacciones normales entre este colageno y sus ligandos localizados en la matriz extracelular, en la membrana basal o en la dermis papilar, lo cual debilita o bloquea las conexiones de las fibrillas de anclaje con la lamina densa o las placas de anclaje, produciendo finalmente una adherencia defectuosa entre la dermis y la lamina densa (57): el segundo mecanismo propuesto es la union de estos anticuerpos al dominio NC2 que desestabiliza las fibrillas de anclaje al interferir con la formacion de dimeros antiparalelos del colageno tipo VII (56): el tercer mecanismo es el dano tisular inflamatorio por activacion del complemento (58,59).
Hence, the following 12 timber regions were studied in our analysis: AL1, AL2, AR1, FL2, GA1, GA2, LA1, MS1, MS2, NC2, SC2, and TX2.
The merger resulted in the establishment of NC2 Global LLC.
01E Department of Defense for COMSEC Measures Used in NC2 Biomerics Comms CJCSI 6510.
10% point less ME, available phosphorus and calcium levels than the PC diet), NC1+RM (NC1 plus ROVABIO[R] Max), NC2 (85 kcal/kg, 0.
For example, for TM1 (read text), the instructor enters a critical value of 1 to four necessary conditions--NC1 (describe/demonstrate expected performance), NC2 (facilitate recall of well-organized knowledge base or facilitate recall of prerequisite concepts), NC3 (deliver meaningfully organized material, provide definition & distinctive features, or explain/demonstrate application) and NC5 (elicit expected performance and provide practice)--to indicate that they are met by TM1 (read text); but, he enters a critical value of 0 to NC4 (facilitate elaboration of material or work examples in different contexts) to indicate that it is not met by TM1 (read text).
Ja os diferentes NC influenciaram o balanco de Ca e P, sendo a absorcao absoluta (gramas) desses minerais afetada de forma quadratica e positiva - BCa g = -3,62 + 22,76 x NC - 13,03 x NC2 ([R.