NC3ANATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency
NC3ANaval Command, Control & Communications Architect
NC3Anuclear command, control, and communications (C3) assessment (US DoD)
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A number of subsequent exercises, in cooperation with NC3A, have continued to increase the ground surveillance interoperability available to NATO and Coalition efforts.
NC3A is responsible for delivering cutting-edge technology in support of NATO's missions and decision making.
As NATO's designated C3 architect, NC3A works closely with national agencies and industry to ensure that the alliance gains maximum synergy from this process.
The next research and development programme for the NC3A concerns ground-penetrating radars.
NATO has concluded that this type of system can greatly contribute to the Commander's situational awareness in the logistics arena," said Brent Bingham, NC3A Project Manager.
The Z Portal system provides NATO's NC3A agency with proven technology to find hidden threats and contraband in vehicles and cargo at high-risk facilities and other checkpoints," said Anthony R.
The deployment has been undertaken by Telindus Belgium, which is the prime contractor of the project signed with NC3A (NATO C3 Agency).
NC3A has developed a new architecture for its information systems called Bilateral Strategic Comment (BISC) Automated Information System (AIS).
NC3A is a Centre of Excellence in Communications, Command, Control, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) capabilities within NATO.
The NC3A exists to provide unbiased scientific advice and assistance to NATO military and political authorities.
The agreement gives NATO's 19 member nations, 27 partner countries, and numerous governmental agencies -- including NC3A -- direct access to Manugistics' solutions.