NCAAWNational Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week
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With all of the ineffective programs implemented during NCAAW, the Mad Challenge represents a promising new intervention, which may appease university officials' need to conduct programming for NCAAW.
The three schools received the most points in the competition, and were judged for significant use of an evidence-based approach in their prevention efforts, as well as comprehensive year-round alcohol education programming, collaboration and support for NCAAW.
Our support of NCAAW and this awards program is part of a continuing commitment to prevent alcohol abuse on college campuses," said Judy Hayes, Coors' alcohol projects manager, "and we are pleased to have an opportunity to recognize the efforts of these institutions.
Making the personal responsibility message contemporary and top-of-mind is important if we are to make a positive impact on today's college campuses," said Edward Hammond, president, Fort Hays State University and national chairman, NCAAW.