NCACLSNational Council of Associations of Chinese Language Schools
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Work Group, "Quan Mel Zhongwen xuexiao ziliao diaocha jianbao" [Summary of statistics from a survey of Chinese-language schools in the United States], NCACLS Journal, no.
Zonghui jianjie [Brief introduction to the Council], NCACLS webpage, 1999.
In 1995, the NCACLS and National Foreign Language Center (NPLC) worked with UCLA to run a three-month certificate pilot program for fifteen teachers, one each from schools belonging to the SCCCS, as a first step toward upgrading qualifications of Chinese school teachers to those of mainstream middle school Chinese-language instructors.
The 1995 statistics came from a 1995 NCACLS survey (see Appendix B).
The 1995 NCACLS survey covers all schools that responded to the survey and includes both NCACLS and CSAUS members as well as non-members, whereas the 1996 CSAUS survey includes only member schools teaching simplified, or both traditional and simplified, characters.