NCADANorth Carolina Association of Defense Attorneys
NCADANational Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (St. Louis, MO)
NCADANational Campaign against Drug Abuse (now National Drug Strategy; Australia)
NCADANational Council against Drug Abuse (Singapore)
NCADANorthern California Auto Dismantlers Association
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Makkai and McAllister's 'speculative' explanations suggested that the NCADA was an efficacious strategy.
By contrast, the harm reduction component of the NCADA (later subsumed by the National Drug Strategy) has been a notable success.
It should be noted that the overall NCADA aim of harm minimization is not universally supported amongst ATSI (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) people.
Key figures such as Professor Ian Webster (president of ADCA) and Professor Margaret Hamilton (executive member of ANCD) were central to the development of the NCADA and continue to carry those values into the drug policy arena today.
In 1985, renamed the Australian Foundation on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, the foundation played an important part in the formation of the workshops preceding the special ministers' conference that initiated the NCADA.
However most would agree that NCADA and the emphasis on the use of methadone is a policy success (Ward, et al, 1992; McDonald, et al, 1988).
Report of the NCADA Task Force on Evaluation to the Ministerial Council on Drug Strategy.