NCADENetwork Centric Airborne Defense Element
NCADENorth Carolina Association for Developmental Education
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23) Equipped with an active radar seeker similar to the AMRAAM's, the PAC-3 is a larger missile and even faster than NCADE.
Both the NCADE and Air-Launched Hit-to-Kill use the kinetic energy of the intercept as the kill mechanism and do not carry an explosive warhead.
Raytheon is committed to getting NCADE to the warfighter as quickly as possible.
The NCADE interceptor leverages many proven components and technologies, including the aerodynamic design, aircraft interface and flight control system of Raytheon's Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile.
launched the AIM-9X airframe that carried the NCADE seeker.
Last year, Raytheon teammate Aerojet successfully tested the NCADE second stage axial propulsion system, demonstrating the maturity of this new propulsion system.
Aerojet has been developing AF-M315E propellant engines for more than 10 years and recently demonstrated an engine for the NCADE system that provided more than 150 pounds of thrust for longer than 25 seconds.
As part of the NCADE risk-reduction program, Raytheon and partner Aerojet tested an advanced hydroxylammonium nitrate thruster that provided more than 150 pounds of thrust for longer than 25 seconds.
Raytheon also fabricated two prototype NCADE seekers.
United States Air Force and Aerojet investments in advanced monopropellants are bringing to the market new capabilities where higher performance is required for missions such as NCADE.