NCAENational Career Assessment Examination (Department of Education; Philippines)
NCAENational Coalition for Aviation Education
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NCAENorth Carolina Artists Exhibition (Raleigh, NC)
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Over 163,000 Grade 9 students in the National Capital Region are expected to take the NCAE, a mandatory aptitude test to assess the skills of those planning to proceed to senior high school.
It should be noted in regard to objectives in competency one, the NCAE has added the categories of school-based enterprise and service learning as recognized types of SAE (NCAE, 2015) and that the recognized SAE types are currently different than the types recognized when these data were collected.
The new schedule of the NCAE in Metro Manila will be determined by the regional office and schools division offices in coordination with the Bureau of Education Assessment, Briones added.
The report is available at the NCAE Web site at www.
The NCAE is a mandatory aptitude test to assess the skills of Grade 9 students planning to proceed to senior high school, which is part of the K-12 education reform program.
Recent efforts by the NCAE and AAAE have focused on SAE renewal.
I am delighted that NCAE has agreed to join our YouthRules
Under the measure, the NCAE shall assess and evaluate the aptitude, skills and inclination of a student to pursue a college or university course, a technical vocational course or an entrepreneurial course.
Through the initiative, NCAE (2008) hoped to spur the growth of new Agricultural Education programs with the primary goal of obtaining 10,000 quality programs by 2015, a concept better known as 10 x 15.
The workshops, which are publicized in membership recruitment drives, have been offered to NCAE members since they started last August.
According to NCAE (2008) the primary goal of 10 x 15 was to create 10,000 new agricultural education programs by 2015 that focused on "an integrated model of classroom/laboratory instruction, experiential learning, and leadership and personal skill development" (p.