NCAERNational Council of Applied and Economic Research (India)
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The NCAER estimates that Emirates' operations have contributed over $848 million annually to India's GDP, supporting over 86,000 Indian jobs and generating almost $1.
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In the joint study of NACO and UNDP conducted by NCAER 74% of respondents did not disclose HIV status at work place.
NCAER (2008): Impact and Sustainability of SHG Bank Linkage Programme (New Delhi).
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Dr Rajendra Prasad laid down the foundation stone of NCAER building in 1959 and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru inaugurated it in 1961.
Part of the sample represents a resurvey of households initially conducted in the 1993-1994 Human Development Profile of India conducted by NCAER.
Varma (1998), Policy Competition among the States in India for Attracting Direct Investment, NCAER, New Delhi.
According to NCAER (the National Council of Applied Economic Research (7)), rural India is home for 720 million consumers across 600,000 odd villages.
Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and NCAER (2000) 'Survey of Indian Investors' has reported that safety and liquidity were the primary considerations which determined the choice of an asset.
11) The source of data is NCAER, Indian Market Demographics Report (2002).
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